Members of the St. Louis Rabbinical and Cantorial Association write a commentary on the Torah portion of the week for the St. Louis Jewish Light. The archives of these Divrei Torah can be seen here.

Moses, the Israelites and unconditional love

Black fire on white fire

Chayei Sarah: Sarah’s story gives us strength, comfort and joy

When Abraham ‘truly wakes up’

Torah portion has ironic parallels for the Iran nuclear deal (1)

The role of privilege in our violent world

Look to the light in this new year

Include ‘spiritual’ friends on Sukkot guest list

Learning from Yom Kippur to stand as one

The difference between remembering, forgetting

Sing a song of holiness

Curses and beliefs: To what do we attest?

Debate for the sake of heaven and those in need

What’s the blessing, what’s the curse

Parshat Eikev: It’s the small things that matter

“Heart and Soul” An Enduring Classic

Hope is our antidote to fear

Fulfill vows with actions, not words

Top quality of a leader: Leadership

The donkey and the blind seer

Admitting mistake is first step toward healing

Parsha shows the ‘truth’ of effective argument

Listen to voices of wisdom and experience

Moses showed strength by recognizing his limits

The work of schlepping

Inertia is comfortable, beginnings are difficult (1)

Control of impulses is true sign of strength

A reminder of the essence of Torah on the way to Sinai

You shall be holy…

The treasures in our walls

The healing gift of silence

What will you wear for Pesach?

Giving one’s very soul

Eyes of justice, eyes of love

Having a grown-up relationship with G-d

Social, legal truths are found in the stones

Parashat Yitro: We are called to help others, with humility

A time for prayer, a time to act

Lifting the plague of darkness

Take the long view and hold on

Listen, learn, act

Finding strength, courage in tradition

Blessings launch good into the world

Light up the world: Be a Shamash

We can do better

Struggle leads to growth

Leah’s lesson: Move through life’s adversity

Conversing with our ancestors

Abraham, Sarah model the good life

Whose Covenant?

Our mission for the year ahead


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